Ciara Berryessa-Buckalew

Athlete • Springfield , OR • Snowshoeing

Ciara Berryessa-Buckalew is a Special Olympics Oregon athlete competing at the 2017 World Winter Games in snowshoeing. Berryessa-Buckalew, 31, has been involved with Special Olympics for more than eight years competing in track and field, soccer and swimming. She originally enrolled in the program because her neighbor and friend thought she’d enjoy it. “It’s exciting that I get to go with my team to competitions and travel the state,” Berryessa-Buckalew said. “It’s better than just sitting at home and doing nothing! “It’s fun to be with my friends and compete in sports.” This will be Berryessa-Buckalew’s first World Games experience and she said she can’t wait to get to Austria. “It’s exciting, thrilling and gives me happiness,” she said. “I’m looking forward to competing, seeing lots of snow and playing in it.” In her spare time, Berryessa-Buckalew enjoys cleaning, collecting cars , nail polish and stuffed animals. “I can be a dork sometimes, but I’m a fun-loving person.” She lives in Eugene with her boyfriend, who is also a Special Olympics Oregon athlete.

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