Riad Edwards

Coach • Clackamas, OR • Snowboarding

Riad Edwards is a snowboarding coach from Clackamas, Oregon. Edwards was first exposed to Special Olympics five years ago when a customer he dealt with at a previous job invited him to go snowboarding, and eventually asked him if he would be interested in coaching Special Olympics. Edwards jumped at the chance. “My time with Special Olympics has been so incredibly rewarding,” says Edwards. “I have a new and amazing family that is understanding, accepting and loving. I have built strong bonds with fellow coaches, athletes and parents of athletes.” Edwards is a professional photographer and is looking forward to capturing some of the beauty of Austria at the World Games. But even more than that, he’s excited for the opportunity and being a part of a once in a lifetime experience for that he can share with the athletes. “I am very excited to see our athletes compete, and I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces during the opening and closing ceremonies. As an avid snowboarder, I have always dreamed of seeing the Swiss Alps, and now that dream has become a reality. This opportunity is truly something I will never forget.”

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