Mandi R. Durfee

Athlete • Elgin, OR • Alpine Skiing

Mandi Durfee has had a passion for skiing since she was eight years old. At the age of 33 she is excited to travel to Austria to compete in her very first Special Olympics World Games in 2017.

Living in Elgin, Ore., the farthest Durfee has travelled previously is to California. She is excited about the opportunity to train and ski in Vermont and also compete for the whole world to see in Austria. She has won many medals for skiing including gold in two events at the state level. One of those events was in giant slalom, an event she will compete in at the World Games as well.

Special Olympics has made a huge difference in Durfee’s life and she is supported by her family and friends. “It changed my life because my family has supported me all the way and my whole town is behind me,” Durfee said. “They really support my family and me.” 

The family has felt the support of the city around them. In an article in local newspaper "The Obeserver," Durfee talked about how friends from their community helped raise money so her family could attend the games as well.

“I am so thankful that I live in a community like this,” said Patti Durfee, her mother. “The community always comes together. Since Mandi was born, they have been in support of her. They never treated her any different. They just really, 

really love Mandi.”

Besides skiing she has also competed in bowling and track and field, but her favorite sport is basketball which she likes to play and watch on television. Competing in the Special Olympics World Games means a lot to not only her, but to her entire family and friends because she gets to spend time with them.

Several of her family members have also been athletes, competing in track and field and volleyball among other sports. When she’s not training or competing, Durfee likes to spend time with her family including her two older sisters and their kids, watching a local football game or just spending time together. She also likes to visit her mom’s school and talk with families there.

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