Patrick Adams

Athlete • Enfield, CT • Speed Skating

Patrick Adams is a member of Special Olympics USA. He is from Enfield, Conn., and will be competing in speed skating. Adams has been with Special Olympics for 14 years. He completed the Global Messenger program through Special Olympics, which is an educational class that help members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. “Special Olympics has helped me build my confidence. I am excited to compete in World Games because speed skating is my favorite sport,” Adams said. He enjoys watching other sports. His favorite sports teams are the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Red Sox. He works at Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he preps cars. He has been there for a little over six years now. Adams competed in the National Games in Ames, Iowa, in 2006 with the Unified soccer team. He has competed in the World Games before in Boise, Idaho, in 2009 for speed skating. He earned a bronze medal in one of his competitions. “Patrick loves the competition and the comradery,” said Jeff, Patrick’s father. “He’s a proud young man who loves to compete and do the best he can.” Patrick is very proud of his job, his accomplishments and his records. “He’s very excited to go to the World Games in Austria,” Jeff said. “He makes it a point to tell people where he’s going.”

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