Sharita Taylor

Athlete • Cleveland, OH • Figure Skating

Sharita Taylor of Cleveland , Ohio will be the only athlete from Ohio representing Team USA in the 2017 World Games. She will compete in the sport of figure skating in level five singles and level two ice dancing. She has been training three times a week since the summer in preparation for these Games. Sharita has been ice skating since she was four years old. She and her twin sister Shaye have trained together and both began competing in figure skating when they turned eight years of age. Taylor has earned numerous medals in singles, pairs, and ice dancing. Often she and Shaye are competing against one another on the ice but they never let their competitive spirits affect their bond off of the ice. In addition to figure skating Sharita also enjoys bowling and golf. When Sharita is not on the ice she has a very busy schedule. She is employed by PNC bank in the statement prep and image retrieval department. Sharita and Shaye are accomplished musicians and perform together at several community, church, and local events. The Taylor sisters have sung the National Anthem at the Special Olympics Ohio State Summer and Winter Games as well as at the Cleveland Indians games and several other events around the Greater Cleveland area. Sharita sings in a small band with her sister and father. Sharita also plays the violin, likes to draw, and is in the process of writing a fictional novel. She is a Star Wars buff and has a blog to answer questions about the movie franchise. When Sharita attends training camp it will be her first time on an airplane, an experience she is looking forward to and says of the 2017 World Games experience, “I want to take it all in.” . She is eager to meet her team and make friends. Her sister Shaye, brother Joey, and parents Diane and Gary will be attending the Games in Austria to show their support for Sharita.

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