Jenna Shultz

Athlete • Erie, PA • Cross-Country Skiing

Jenna Schultz will not be competing due to injury.

Jenna Shultz is a 20-year-old Cross Country Skier from Erie, Pennsylvania. She is in her 15th year with Special Olympics with this being her first time representing Special Olympics USA. Shultz got involved with Special Olympics through a school program, one of many programs she regularly attends and loves, according to her mom, Ella Shultz. Jenna has been skiing much longer than she has been competing because she just loves the thrill. Jenna has many hobbies, including anime drawing, Pokemon, and hanging out with her cat, Stache. “She sells her drawings, too. She’s really talented,” Ella said. Jenna’s favorite thing about herself is her ability to draw. She has a website where she sells her artwork. Jenna typically spends her time with children and with her friends, according to her mom. “Jenna is just an awesome person. She has struggled her whole life, and she has overcome so much. She has learned to manage the best she can and I am proud of her for that. She is so sensitive, too. She’s just awesome,” Ella said.

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