Ian Rawn

Athlete • Plano, TX • Figure Skating

Texas native Ian Rawn has participated in Special Olympics for 28 years, since he was 5 years old when his parents got him involved. Rawn is participating in the 2017 World Games because he is a dreamer who has been dreaming about competing on the world stage since he was a kid. He remembers watching Olympic figure skaters on television in 1996 in Japan. He hopes to be someone who competes regularly. He competes in basketball, volleyball, swimming, bowling, and figure skating, which is his favorite. He hopes to one day coach Olympic athletes in figure skating. Rawn is very busy in his life juggling working and competing but he lives being around people who support children and adults with special needs. He has always wanted to represent his country in the World Games. He is looking forward to competing in Austria as well as experiencing the culture. “There is still a lot I want to accomplish, but I am very excited to be a part of representing my country, my state, and where I live.” Outside of competition, he is a firefighter, paramedic, a volunteer with his church youth group and a coach for special Olympic athletes. “I love everything I do. It's really amazing that I get to so many cool things in life.”

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