Katielynn Ovitt

Athlete • Bottineau, ND • Alpine Skiing

Since becoming involved with Special Olympics two years ago, Katielynn Ovitt has transformed from someone who liked to stay at home into someone who likes to go out, see friends, and most of all, ski. Katielynn was introduced to skiing three years ago by her old gym teacher and will be competing in alpine skiing events in Austria in 2017. “She enjoys life. She is more active now,” said Katielynn’s mother Geri Ovitt. “She doesn’t sit around and goof off. She would rather do something with friends than sit and play games at home.” Her mother also noted that the family is more active by getting out of the house to see her at the mountain. Ovitt is a full time student in her freshman year of high school and also works at Cenex gas station in her hometown of Bottineau, North Dakota. When she isn’t skiing she likes swimming, camping, riding bikes, going for walks and spending time with friends and family. Her mother reflected on a time when Ovitt had the honor of carrying the torch up the mountain at a Special Olympics event as her proudest moment of her daughter. “I think [Special Olympics] helps a lot of people enjoy what they never would get to if it was not out there,” she said. Although her mother is a little nervous about Ovitt travelling to Austria, she knows her daughter is excited. Ovitt has previously been on trips to Canada and Minnesota, but has never been to Vermont where the team will train, or outside of North America. “I know she is excited to travel and meet new people,” her mother said. “She loves meeting people.”

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