Christopher O'Neil

Athlete • Westford, MA • Alpine Skiing

Christopher O’Neil is a member of the Special Olympics Team USA. He is from Westford, Massachusetts and will be competing in Alpine Skiing. O’Neil has been with Special Olympics for 15 years now. He joined when he was in the 6th grade. O’Neil graduate from high school in 2008, was nominated for the World Games, and graduated from the STRIDE program at Lowell General Hospital where he currently is employed as a linen aid.

Skiing is his favorite thing to do; he just can’t get enough of it. He also enjoys other sports, playing video games, reading, and hanging out with his family and friends. Andrea O’Neil, his mom, said, “He loves geography and history. He could go on for hours giving you facts.”

Andrea explains that there isn’t just one thing that Special Olympics means to Christopher, it’s many different things that she can’t pinpoint to one.

“It’s making friends, competing, having fun, dedication, and passion. It’s everything,” said Andrea. Christopher is very proud to represent the USA and has never been to Europe before, so he’s excited to see Austria and meeting new people. “Special Olympics has made Christopher confident, it’s allowed him to have a love for skiing, and it’s given him access to different things,” Andrea said.

One of Chris's coaches, who grew up in Innsbruck Austria and knows the area well, is traveling back home to see Chris ski and see the games in-person.

Chris's younger sister was an intern at SOMA and was there when his name was announced as a World Games athletes. She also helps coach Chris's team when she is home from college.



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