Alyssa Neil

Athlete • Holyoke, MA • Speed Skating

Alyssa Neil is a member of the Special Olympics Team USA. She is from Holyoke Massachusetts and will be competing in Speed Skating. Neil has been with Special Olympics for 14 years now. She began when she was in the 6th grade. Neil feels that Special Olympics has helped her. “I’ve changed a lot. I used to get bullied and it was hard for me to make friends. So when I joined in 6th grade I started making a bunch of new friends,” said Neil. Besides speed skating, Neil also plays soccer and runs track. One of her favorite hobbies is knitting. Some of Neil’s biggest accomplishments include winning a Sportsmanship award in 2002, being nominated for Special Olympics Hall of Fame, and most importantly she is working on her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She plans to graduate in the fall of 2017. Neil has competed in two World games previously. She went to Greece in 2011 for track and South Korea in 2013 for speed skating. “I get to experience new cultures and meet different people from all over the world,” said Neil. “I’m really excited for the World Games, it means I’ve accomplished a lot especially in my skating. The USA has given us with disabilities the same opportunity as those without,” Neil said.

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